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Scavenger Hunt: "Congress" Worksheet

A Session of Congress

This worksheet helps students to identify the houses of Congress and its members. It also asks a student to identify his or her local representative.

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Directions: What do you know about Congress? Use the information you find at the Web site provided below to answer the questions on this page. Write your answers on the lines next to each question.

Web Resource: FirstGov"


  1. What are the two houses of Congress?



  2. When were the two houses of Congress created?



  3. Who is the U.S. representative from your district?



  4. Who is the president of the United States Senate?



  5. 5. How many U.S. senators are there?



If you're looking for a bigger challenge, read The Legislative Process: Tying it All Together at Create a flow chart showing how Congress makes laws!

Answer Key: A Session of Congress

  1. The two houses of Congress are the Senate and the House of Representatives.
  2. Congress was created in 1787 at the Constitutional Convention.
  3. Answers will vary.
  4. The vice president of the United States is also the president of the Senate.
  5. There are 100 U.S. senators -- two from each state.