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Hurricane Warning!

Answer Key

  1. F. Hurricanes form over the ocean. Inland states do not have hurricanes.

  2. F. Scientists use the Saffir-Simpson scale to measure hurricane intensity.

  3. T. To be a hurricane, a storm's winds must be at least 74 m.p.h.

  4. T.Category 5 hurricanes are the most destructive.

  5. T. Hurricanes rotate in a counter-clockwise direction.

  6. F.The eye is the calmest part of a hurricane.

  7. T. Hurricanes get their heat and energy from seawater.

  8. F. A hurricane name is retired only if the hurricane is especially destructive.

  9. T. Hurricanes are named by the National Weather Service.

  10. F. The heavy waves caused by a hurricane are called storm surges.
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