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Ten Great STEM Sites for the Classroom

From human anatomy to robotics, there are a number of ways to integrate STEM into the classroom. Here are 10 fun Web sites  to spark student engagement in STEM fields:

  1. Free Online Resources for Schools Shifting Online During Coronavirus Many companies are offering teachers and schools access to their online platforms for free for the duration of the COVID-19 closures.
  2. This site's goal is promoting STEM and helping students discover how taking classes in science, technology, engineering and math can lead to “exciting and rewarding” careers. Here, users can play interactive games, download study guides, look up potential careers and much more.
  3. Engineer Girl: Engineer Girl encourages young middle-school girls to pursue STEM careers. Girls can “try on a career,” speak to actual professional engineers, play games and participate in polls, apply for scholarships and more.Discovering Engineering: Discover E’s mission is to promote and grow an engineering profession through outreach, education and volunteerism. The site explains what engineering is and what career paths an individual could take. It also offers informational videos and educational games
  4. STEM Career: Students, teachers, counselors and parents can explore resources explaining the benefits of STEM careers. Students receive help choosing the right school and specific career. They also can get homework help and more. Educators can access classroom ideas, resources and extracurricular activities. Users also will find news about developments in the field.
  5. eGFI (Engineering, Go For It!): eGFI promotes STEM with interactive games, newsletters, digital magazines, flash cards, kids' books, tools for teachers, lesson plans and more. The site also offers scholarship information for those planning to pursue careers in STEM.
  6. CSI - Web Adventures: On this interactive Web site, visitors can solve crimes using forensics at beginner, intermediary and advanced levels. The site offers other activities such as handwriting analysis, a detective game and an opportunity to learn about different careers in science.
  7. MathMovesU: The site, designed for middle-school students, aims to keep the subject of mathematics alive by combining activities with kids’ hobbies. Users can create their own avatars and play games, learn about mathematics and participate in polls and quizzes. Teachers and parents can join the “Math Hero” awards program to access math worksheets, download classroom guides and more.
  8. Science Kids: Science Kids provides educational resources and interactive games and activities for teachers and students interested in science and technology. Visitors will enjoy experiments, games, facts, quizzes, projects, lessons, images and much more.
  9. Here's a free three-dimensional program where users can make a storytelling animation, create a game or share a video. The Web site’s guide, who is similar to Alice from Alice in Wonderland, helps students create their visual masterpieces.

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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