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Celebrate Get Caught Reading Month!

May is Get Caught Reading Month. The goal of the nationwide campaign, sponsored by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), is to remind people of all ages that's it's fun to read. Launched in 1999, the campaign encourages schools to order free posters, download free videos and join thousands of celebrities, authors, teachers and librarians who enjoy the comfort of a great read!

Here are six ways your school can celebrate Get Caught Reading Month:

1. Form a book club.  Gather a group of avid young readers and enjoy a masterpiece together. Students and an advisor (or even two) can meet once a week to read and share their thoughts. It's a great way for students to interact with peers and even find common ground with a new favorite book!

2. Create a laminated bookmark.  Have students to read their favorite book and create a personalized bookmark with favorite quotes, characters and themes from the book. It's a way not only to get students reading, but also to create a great keepsake.

3. Observe Schoolwide Reading Day.  As with Read Across America, schools can hold a Get Caught Reading Day, when every student must sit and read for the afternoon. Because May brings beautiful, warm weather, students can read outdoors in a picnic-like setting. Take photos of students who are caught reading!

4. Schedule a library tour.  Take students on a tour of the school library, a local library or a college/university library for an eye-opening experience. Contact a librarian and have him/her show students how to find particular books in order to generate interest in new topics. 

5. Hold a book drive.  A town-wide or school-wide book drive builds enthusiasm for books throughout the community. Students, parents and educators can trade in already-read books for new ones. 

6. Invite a Mystery Reader.  Teachers can invite a parent, administrator, high school student, town official or even a local author to come in each week to read to their classroom. This is a unique way to get students excited about who will be coming in and what book they will read next. 

Happy reading!

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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