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Ideas for Using Geography A to Z in the Classroom

Education World's Geography A to Z feature presents a weekly printable work sheet for students. The purpose of the activity is to build geography/cultural literacy and to provide an activity that will engage students as they develop basic research skills.

The Geography A to Z work sheets can be used in the classroom in a wide variety of ways. Following are just a few ideas:

  • Use the work sheet as a 20-minute library and/or computer lab activity. Students can work on their own or in pairs as they use the resources of the library/lab to help them figure out the place described by each clue.
  • On Monday, present students with a copy of the Geography A to Z work sheet of the week. Challenge students to complete the sheet by the end of the week.
  • Assign the Geography A to Z work sheet as homework for the week. Parents and students can have fun completing the activity -- and learning -- together.

You might even use the work sheet as a weekly contest. You could

  • award a weekly prize to the first student to complete the activity during lab/library time.
  • enter the names of all students who get at least 6 out of 7 correct responses into a weekly prize drawing.
  • award points based on the number of correct answers each week. At the end of the month (or semester), tally up the points scored and award prizes to the students with the highest point totals.

No matter how you use the Geography A to Z work sheets, the activity will help develop students' geography skills while it introduces them to places in the world with which they should be familiar. After students complete the work sheets, you might take 10 minutes of classroom time to review and reinforce their work. Be sure to employ a world map as you review the activity.

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