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Month of Fun: October

Check out October’s Month of Fun calendar from Education World. Enjoy October-themed interactive puzzles, learning games and crafts that will engage students while reinforcing important skills.

October activities celebrate special days and topics such as autumn, fire safety and Halloween.

Build a Dinosaur (Grades K-5)

Apples Word Search Puzzle (Grades 3-6)

Online Popcorn Quiz (Grades 3-8)

Bullying Word Find (Grades 3-6)

Online Safety Quiz (Grades 3-8)

Stop Drop and Roll Coloring Sheet (Grades K-2)

Pizza Sequencing Activity (Grades 2-4)

Autumn Anagram Activity (Grades 1-3)

Pumpkin Patch Scramble Puzzle (Grades 2-6)

Metric Measurement Concentration Game (Grades 5-8)

Fire Escape Challenge Game (Grades 5-12)

What’s Safe Coloring Page (Grades 2-3)

Stamps Scramble Puzzles (Grades 3-12)

Explorers of North America Matching Game (Grades 3-8)

Lunch – Word Scramble (Grades 3-5)

Spelling Bee (Grades 4-8)

Wolf Puzzler (Grades 1-8)

Alaska Map/Quiz Printout (Grades 3-4)

Metric Word Search (Grades 4-8)  new

Bats Cloze Activity (Grades 4-6)

Word Search: Personal Character Traits (Grades 4-6)

Chemical Element Hangman (Grades 9-12)

Baseball Teams Quiz (Grades 2-5)

United Nations Day Jigsaw Puzzle (Grades 3-12)

Pablo Picasso Coloring Page (Grades 2-5)

The Timernator Timed Math Game (Grades 2-8)

Wacky Web Tales: Why I Love Fall (Grades 3-8)

Virtual Carve a Pumpkin (Grades K-6)

Algebra Vocabulary Matching Game (Grades 9-12)

President John Adams Coloring Page (Grades K-4)

Halloween Word Search (Grades 3-6)


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Note: Shockwave Player is needed to play some of these games. Click here to get a free download of this plug-in.


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