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Month of Fun: November

november web activities

Check out November’s Month of Fun calendar from Education World. Enjoy November-themed interactive puzzles, learning games and crafts that will engage students while reinforcing important skills.

November activities celebrate several special events such as National American Indian Heritage Month, International Drum Month, Geography Awareness Week, World Hello Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Day of the Dead Vocabulary Game (Grades 5-12)

November Word Search (Grades 3-6)

Mayflower Coloring Page (Grades K-2)

Elections Terms Matching Activity (Grades 5-8)

Interactive Bead Graph (Grades 3-12)

Printable Pilgrim Maze (Grades K-3)

Recycle Roundup (Grades 2-5)

King Powhatan’s Wampum Bookmark (Grades PreK-4)

Nico's Quest To Recycle: A Kid's Guide To Recycling (Grades K-4)

Corn on the Cob Jigsaw Puzzle (Grades 3-8)

Gettysburg Address Vocabulary Activity (Grades 6-12)

Traffic Sign Coloring Page (Grades PreK-K)

Words for Hello Matching Game (Grades 6-12)

President John F. Kennedy Comprehension Activity (Grades 4-7)

Grammar Blast: The Sentence Game (Grades 3-6)

President Zachary Taylor Coloring Page (Grades 2-5)

SAT Vocabulary Matching Game (Grades 9-12)

Food Safety Mobile Game (Grades 3-6) 

Thanksgiving Anagram Activity (Grades 3-5)

Percent Shopping Math Game (Grades 5-8)

Mark Twain Word Search Puzzle (Grades 6-12)

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