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Create a Virtual Tour
Of Your Community


Students worked hard all week? Do they deserve a special reward for a job well done? This activity will offer students a nice break from structured learning. Adapt it to fit your needs. Have some Friday Fun!


As a computer resource teacher, it is Nancy Barger's responsibility to find ways to incorporate technology into the learning experiences of her elementary students in Newington, Connecticut. That was the core idea behind a project that became "Newington: Highlights of History," a PowerPoint and oral presentation created by fourth-grade students at two schools in town.

"Last year I thought of doing this project to provide students with a visual teaching tool to help understand the history of their town," Barger told Education World. "We started by taking digital pictures of historic sites in town and scanning others from a bicentennial calendar of Newington. The students created the slides and practiced presenting the slides in front of third-grade classes.

"This [project was] a great way for students to practice oral presentation skills while learning subject matter."

Click the link below to read more about this project. You'll quickly see ways in which you might adapt this idea and create a project that will engage students in learning as they create something of lasting community value.


Students Create a Virtual Tour of Their Community
Education World (February 28, 2000)

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Article by Gary Hopkins
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