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A "Boring"
Lesson Plan
In Geography

Students worked hard all week? Do they deserve a special reward for a job well done? This activity will offer students a nice break from structured learning. Adapt it to fit your needs. Have some Friday Fun!


Is this town really "Boring"?

That's the question lots of people ask when they walk into the Post Office in Boring, Maryland, a town of about 450 people 20 miles north of Baltimore.

For the citizens of Boring, well, they're not offended by the question; they're used to it -- and they take it with humor, because most of them like their town just the way it is.

Find Boring on a map, in an atlas, or online, and share its location with students. Then collect a variety of map resources for students and challenge them to find the most unique place names they can find on those maps.

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A "Boring" Lesson Plan in Geography

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Article by Gary Hopkins
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