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5-Minute Fillers: Rhyming, Math, and More

Volume 37

Math Facts Race
Builds math skills while reinforcing math facts

Create on the board or on chart paper two grids numbered across 1 to 9 and down 1 to 9. Divide the class into two teams. Decide whether the students will practice addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts in this game of speed. When the chart is set, say "Go!" The first person on each team races to the board and fills in any square on the math facts grid. For example, if you are using the game to reinforce addition facts, the student will write the number 6 in the square that meets where the 4 column and the 2 row meet. If any student on either team sees a mistake made by a teammate during the game, he or she can use his/her turn to correct that error. The first team to finish is the winning team if they have every correct answer on their chart.

Pose the following question to students to start a lively discussion, or use is as a prompt for a quick journal-writing activity:

What if you could go see any performer in concert? Who would you choose to see? Why did you choose that particular performer?
[Note: In order to make students think more deeply about this question, you might eliminate from consideration the current hottest group or performer.]













Article by Gary Hopkins

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