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Fact Monster: Transportation, Bridges, and More

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This is the Hunt the Fact Monster hunt for use in the primary grades (grades 2 to 4). If you are looking for intermediate-grade Hunt the Fact Monster hunts, see the Hunt the Fact Monster Archive.

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Answer Key for This Hunt
Extra #2
1. helicopter; 2. Lake Havasu City, Arizona; 3. Australia; 4. capybara; 5. Naples (Italy).

This Hunt's Questions
1. Igor Sikorsky is best known for his work building what form of transportation?
2. The London Bridge used to span a river in London, England. But in the 1960s the bridge was moved to the United States. Where will you find London Bridge today?
3. Europe is the only continent that has no deserts. On which continent will you find the Simpson Desert?
4. The largest member of the rodent family lives in Central and South America. What is the name of that rodent?
5. A huge volcano eruption happened almost 2,000 years ago at Mount Vesuvius. Near what city is Vesuvius located?