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Fact Monster: Location and Nature

Students in grades 4 to 8 build research skills and cultural literacy as they learn about a wide variety of topics.

Thanks to the folks at Fact Monster for partnering with to bring you this fun and educational activity.

Answer Key for This Hunt
May #1
1. George Washington; 2. thorax; 3. Kenya; 4. canals and bridges; 5. they are hatched from eggs.

This Hunt's Questions
1. America gained its freedom after a long war. During that war, Valley Forge in Pennsylvania was one of the main camps for America's soldiers. What famous American was in charge of the soldiers at Valley Forge?
2. The body of an adult insect is divided into three parts. The head and abdomen are two of those parts. What is the third one?
3. Nairobi (pronounced nigh-ROW-bee) is the capital city of which African country?
4. In Italy, for what is the city of Venice best known?
5. Does the female python give birth to its young or are its young hatched from eggs?