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Fact Monster: Science and More

Students in grades 4 to 8 build research skills and cultural literacy as they learn about a wide variety of topics.

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Answer Key for This Hunt
Hunt #29
1. Betsy Ross; 2. pygmy shark; 3. mountains; 4. 4 million square miles (accept 4,017,000 square miles); 5. a fruit; 6. President Ulysses S. Grant; 7. the first woman to swim across the English Channel; 8. Hogwarts; 9. false; 10. Malaysia.

This Hunt's Questions
1. Which woman is often said to have created the first U.S. flag? (Note: Many historians disagree; they say the sewer of the first flag cannot be confirmed.)
2. What is the smallest species of shark?
3. In which biome are you most likely to find the animal known as the ibex -- in the mountains or in the desert?
4. How many square miles of land make up the continent of Europe?
5. Scientifically speaking, is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
6. Whose picture appears on the U.S. $50 bill?
7. Gertrude Ederle was an Olympic swimmer who gained even more fame by being the first woman to do something. What did she do?
8. What is the name of school that Harry Potter attends?
9. Is the following statement true or false? Rubber-soled shoes and rubber tires provide protection from lightning. On the line, write true or false.
10. Which of the countries below has a flag that was based on the same design as the U.S. flag? Circle that country's name: Malaysia - Morocco - Poland