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Fact Monster: Anatomy, Geology, and More

Students in grades 4 to 8 build research skills and cultural literacy as they learn about a wide variety of topics.

Thanks to the folks at Fact Monster for partnering with to bring you this fun and educational activity.

Answer Key for This Hunt
Hunt #23
1. less than 5%; 2. regulating breathing; 3. strings; 4. blue jeans; 5. the Arctic Ocean; 6. 2.5 ounces (or 71 grams); 7. diamonds; 8. St. Paul; 9. 10 months; 10. Robert Todd.

This Hunt's Questions
1. What percent of Antarctica is not covered with ice? Circle the correct answer below: less than 5% - 5 to 10% - 10 to 20%
2. The hypothalamus is the almond-sized control center in the brain. Which of the jobs below is not a job of the hypothalamus? Circle the correct answer: regulating heartbeat - regulating breathing - regulating body temperature
3. The four families of musical instruments include brass, percussion, woodwinds, and ___. Which family is missing?
4. What fashion item did Levi Strauss invent?
5. The smallest of the world's major oceans is found near the North Pole. What is the name of that ocean?
6. How much do scientists think the brain of a Stegosaurus weighed?
7. For what gem stone is the mine in Kimberley, South Africa, best known?
8. Minneapolis is said to be the "twin city" of Minnesota's capital city. What is the name of Minnesota's capital?
9. How many months did the earliest Roman calendar have?
10. First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, who was married to Abraham Lincoln, gave birth to four sons -- but only one son lived to adulthood. Which son lived to adulthood? Circle his name below: Robert Todd Lincoln - Edward Baker Lincoln - William Wallace Lincoln - Thomas Lincoln