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Students in grades 4 to 8 build research skills and cultural literacy as they learn about a wide variety of topics.

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Answer Key for This Hunt
Hunt #22
1. "Billy the Kid"; 2. a bison; 3. deciduous forest; 4. Mt. Elbrus; 5. raspberry; 6. 100 cents; 7. figure skating; 8. Harvard; 9. meteorology; 10. Ireland.

This Hunt's Questions
1. Lawman Pat Garrett is best known for killing what famous American outlaw?
2. The American buffalo is not really a buffalo at all. What is it?
3. Would you find trees that lose their leaves in the coniferous forest biome or in the deciduous forest biome?
4. In Europe, which mountain peak is the highest -- Mt. Elbrus or Mont Blanc?
5. Which fruit -- the raspberry or the blackberry -- was once commonly called "ida" after the mountain in Greece on which it was grown?
6. In South Africa, you might pay for your candy bar with a rand. How many cents is a rand worth?
7. Carol Heiss was a 5-time world champion in which sport?
8. Which famous college -- Harvard orYale -- is the oldest college in the United States?
9. Which of the following words means the study of weather? Circle that word: biology - geology - herpetology - hydrology - meteorology
10. Which of the countries below has a flag that has green in it? Circle the country's name: Egypt - Germany - Greece - Ireland - Japan