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This is the Hunt the Fact Monster hunt for use in the primary grades (grades 2 to 4). If you are looking for intermediate-grade Hunt the Fact Monster hunts, see the Hunt the Fact Monster Archive.

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Answer Key for This Hunt
January #3
1. red is the color of fire, which can drive away bad luck; 2. 1964; 3. It was the smallest dinosaur.; 4. gull; 5. a chicken.

This Hunt's Questions
1. On New Year's Day, Chinese children receive little red envelopes with coins in them. Why is red such an important color at New Year's time in China?
2. When was Martin Luther King given the Nobel Peace Prize?
3. What was special about the dinosaur called Compsognathus?
4. The skua is a bird that spends part of its time on Antarctica. To which common bird is the skua most closely related?
5. If you are eating buffalo wings, you are eating the meat of what animal?