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Fact Monster: World Tour Facts

Students in grades 4 to 8 build research skills and cultural literacy as they learn about a wide variety of topics.

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Answer Key for This Hunt
Hunt #17
1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; 2. seven days (alternative response: outside the Holy Land, some Jewish communities celebrate for eight days); 3. about 3,500 species; 4. Honshu; 5. 14 bones; 6. Yellow River; 7. snakes; 8. Jerry Lee Lewis; 9. Mount Kilimanjaro; 10. 17 ships.

This Hunt's Questions
1. Which of the children's books below was written by author Roald Dahl? Circle the book title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Charlotte's Web - The Giver
2. In the Jewish faith, how many days does the celebration of Passover last?
3. About how many different species of cockroaches can be found around the world?
4. The country of Japan has four main islands. They are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku. Which of those is the largest island?
5. The human skull is composed of two types of bones -- facial bones and cranial bones. How many bones are found in a human face?
6. The Huang Ho, the sixth longest river in the world, is found in China. The common name of this river is also the name of a color. What is that common name?
7. In Greek mythology, Medusa upset Athena, so Athena turned Medusa's hair into something other than hair. From what was Medusa's new hair formed?
8. What famous rock 'n' roll musician had a big hit with the song "Great Balls of Fire" in 1957?
9. The highest mountain in Africa is found in Tanzania. What is the name of that mountain?
10. How many ships sailed on Christopher Columbus's second voyage to the New World, which set sail in 1493?