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Fact Monster: December Traditions and More


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This is the Hunt the Fact Monster hunt for use in the primary grades (grades 2 to 4). If you are looking for intermediate-grade Hunt the Fact Monster hunts, see the Hunt the Fact Monster Archive.

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Answer Key for This Hunt
December #3
1. Hawaii; 2. red, green, and black; 3. potatoes; 4. Nigeria; 5. manatee.

This Hunt's Questions
1. Where in the world is Santa Claus called by the name Kanakaloka?
2. What three colors are associated with Kwanzaa?
3. A popular food eaten by Jewish people during Hanukkah and at other times of the year is the latke (pronounced LOT-kee). From what are latkes made?
4. Which country below has a flag that has only two colors -- green and white -- on it?
5. The dugong is an animal that is very closely related to which other animal?