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Fact Monster: Greek Mythology, Canary Islands, and More

Students in grades 4 to 8 build research skills and cultural literacy as they learn about a wide variety of topics.

Thanks to the folks at Fact Monster for partnering with to bring you this fun and educational activity.

Answer Key for This Hunt
Hunt #10
1. goose bumps; 2. Hawaii; 3. pink; 4. North Carolina or Virginia; 5. 12 pairs; 6. 4,180 miles long; 7. a three-headed dog or a many-headed dog" (as an interesting sidelight you might point out that the character "Fluffy" in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was modeled after Cerberus); 8. The Crickets; 9. seven islands; 10. Watling Island.

This Hunt's Questions
1. A series of books by R. L. Stine might give you cutis ansirina. What is the common name of the condition known by doctors as cutis ansirina?
2. In which U.S. state is King Kamehameha Day celebrated each June 11?
3. The katydid is a common insect known for its singing talents. Katydids are usually green, but they are sometimes found in one other color. What is that color?
4. The Outer Banks is a chain of barrier islands off the east coast of two U.S. states. What is the name of one of those states?
5. How many pairs of ribs are found in the human body?
6. The Nile is the longest river in the world. How many miles long is it?
7. In Greek mythology, Hercules captured Cerberus. Who or what was Cerberus?
8. Buddy Holly had many rock 'n' roll hits, including "Peggy Sue." What was the name of Holly's band?
9. The Canary Islands can be found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. How many islands are part of the Canaries?
10. Columbus's first voyage landed on a small island on October 12, 1492. What was the name of that island? (Hint: It is believed to be the present-day island of San Salvador.) Circle the name of that island below: Canary Island - Puerto Rico - Watling Island