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Fact Monster: Mountains, Bugs, and More

This is the Hunt the Fact Monster hunt for use in the primary grades (grades 2 to 4). If you are looking for intermediate-grade Hunt the Fact Monster hunts, see the Hunt the Fact Monster Archive.

Thanks to the kind folks at Fact Monster for partnering with to bring you this fun and educational activity.

Answer Key for This Hunt
September #3
1. tomato; 2. the signing of the Declaration of Independence; 3. Mount Everest; 4. three; 5. get rid of insects.

This Hunt's Questions
1. What common food was once called the "love-apple"?
2. In the United States, citizens celebrate Independence Day every July 4. What event of long ago do Americans celebrate on Independence Day?
3. The tallest mountain in the world is found in the country of Nepal. What is the name of that mountain?
4. How many toes does a rhinoceros have on each foot?
5. Citronella (pronounced SIT-ruh-nell-uh) is a kind of grass. For which of the following is citronella used?