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Learning Game: Riddle BINGO


Arts & Humanities
--Language Arts



Brief Description

A fun game for exercising students' higher-level thinking skills. A nice reward activity, too!


Students will use higher-level thinking skills to choose the correct answer to a series of riddle questions.


riddle, critical thinking, higher-level thinking

Materials Needed

  • index cards
  • riddle sources (your favorite riddle books, riddle sites on the Web, etc.)
  • blank BINGO cards, one per student

Lesson Plan

If you're looking for an activity to reward students for extra effort or at the end of a difficult week, consider this one. It guarantees fun as it challenges students to use higher-level thinking skills to solve riddles.

Lesson Preparations
Choose in advance 24 riddles. (We have provided a selection of riddles below for you to use.) You might find others in your favorite riddle books or by doing a search of the Web for riddles for kids."

For your use: write the riddles and their answers on index cards, one riddle and answer per card.
For student use: write the 24 answers only on the board or a sheet of chart paper; write the answers in no particular order.

Provide each student with a BINGO card. Have students copy the riddle answers from the board onto their cards, one answer per square. Each students BINGO card will be different from others because each student will choose where to write each answer.

Place all the riddle/answer index cards you created into a fishbowl, hat, or another container. Draw one card at a time. Call out the riddle question. Students must figure out which riddle answer on their BINGO cards matches the riddle question. When they figure out the answer that matches the question, they must draw an X through that answer on their cards.

The game continues in this way until one student has five Xs in a row on his or her card. Verify that the student has Xd correct riddle answers before declaring him or her the winner of the Riddle BINGO game.

Riddles to Use
Here are some riddle questions and answers that you might use in this game. You can find additional riddles in your favorite riddle books or on the Internet.


Riddle Books from
Our Bookstore

Jokes and riddles from Highlights for Children magazine.

A collection of riddles, such as When is a cook bad?" (when she beats an egg) and What kind of coat should be put on when it is wet?" (a coat of paint).

Riddle Question: What is a ghosts favorite ride at an amusement park?
Riddle Answer: The roller ghoster.

Riddle Question: What do you call a kitten that drinks lemonade?
Riddle Answer: A sourpuss.

Riddle Question: Where does a fish keep its money?
Riddle Answer: In a riverbank.

Riddle Question: What kind of car does an electrician drive?
Riddle Answer: A volts-wagon.

Riddle Question: Why did the woman wear a helmet at the dinner table?
Riddle Answer: She was on a crash diet.

Riddle Question: What is the difference between here and there?
Riddle Answer: The letter t.

Riddle Question: Which city has no people?
Riddle Answer: Electri-city!

Riddle Question: What does a duck wear when it gets married?
Riddle Answer: A duck-cedo.

Riddle Question: What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?
Riddle Answer: A towel.

Riddle Question: Which month is the best month for a parade?
Riddle Answer: March.

Riddle Question: What has a foot on each side and another one in the middle?
Riddle Answer: A yardstick.

Riddle Question: Why is Alabama the smartest state in the U.S.A.?
Riddle Answer: It has 4 As and 1 B.

Riddle Question: What do you see twice in a week, once in a year, but never in a day?
Riddle Answer: The letter e.

Riddle Question: Which bone keeps getting longer and shorter?
Riddle Answer: A trombone.

Riddle Question: What did one potato chip say to another?
Riddle Answer: Lets go for a dip.

Riddle Question: What kind of coat only gets put on when its wet?
Riddle Answer: A coat of paint.

Riddle Question: What do you call a deer with no eyes?
Riddle Answer: No eye deer."

Riddle Question: What building has the most stories?
Riddle Answer: A library.

Riddle Question: Where does Friday come before Thursday?
Riddle Answer: In a dictionary.

Riddle Question: What are two things you cant eat for supper?
Riddle Answer: Breakfast and lunch.

Riddle Question: What has just two words but thousands of letters?
Riddle Answer: A post office.

Riddle Question: What runs around your house but never moves?
Riddle Answer: A fence.

Riddle Question: Why did the silly gardener plant a light bulb?
Riddle Answer: He wanted to grow a power plant.

Riddle Question: Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Riddle Answer: He was feeling crummy.

Riddle Question: What is a cannibals favorite game?
Riddle Answer: Swallow the leader.

Lesson Notes