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Math Games
With Jane and Joanne

Junior Star Traveler



Grade 1 and up


  • adding and subtracting to 10
  • problem solving


    Students can play this game on their own (solitaire style), in pairs, or in cooperative groups.


    • playing cards Ace (=1) through 6 (24 cards in all)
    • 1 die
    • pencil


      The object of this game is for pairs or groups of students to work together to take away all of the cards before coloring in all five points on a star.

      Players build a 6 x 4 grid of playing cards; all cards appear face up. The cards might look like the illustration that appears a bit farther down this page.

      A player rolls the die. The player may take away any card or combination of cards that equals the die and that appears at the bottom of any column of cards. Players work together as members of a team or cooperative group to figure out what the best play will be. Addition, subtraction, or a combination of operations can be used, but a maximum of only three (3) cards can be removed in one turn.

      Example The player rolls a 5, so he takes the cards 1 (Ace) and 4 from bottom. This move leaves 5, 2, 4, and 2 exposed (as the bottom cards in each column) for the next roll. Another choice might have been to remove the 1, 2 and 2.

      In the event that a card or combination of cards cannot be found to equal the number on the die, players color in one point on their star.

      Play continues until all cards are removed or all five points on the star are colored.

      As players gain more experience with this game, they will develop more strategies to maximize their chances to win. Begin with number recognition, then move when students are ready to adding combinations, subtracting combinations, and mixed operations.

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