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Math Games
With Jane and Joanne

Your Place or Mine?



Grades 4 - 6


  • identifying place value from 10 000 - .000 01


  • 2


  • playing cards Ace (=1) through 9
  • 2 dice
  • BINGO chips, or another small marker


Each player takes six cards from the deck and uses them to make a 6-digit number face up. Each player rolls a die to determine where to place the decimal point in their number; if a 1 is rolled the decimal point is inserted before the last number in the string, if a 2 is rolled the decimal point is inserted before the next to the last number Players use BINGO chips, or another form of marker, to represent the decimal point between cards.

The players verbalize their numbers to one another.

Next, a die is rolled to determine who scores a point.

  • An odd roll (1, 3, or 5) means that the lowest, or smallest, number scores the point.
  • An even roll (2, 4, or 6) means that the player with the larger number scores the point.
  • Player 1 arranges his six cards to form the number 641329.
  • Player 2 arranges her six cards to form the number 526914.
  • Player 1 rolls a 2 on the die; he places his decimal chip/marker to form the number 6413.29
  • Player 2 rolls a 4 on the die; she places her decimal chip/marker to form the number 52.6914
  • The die is rolled and a 5 (and odd number) comes up. That means the player with the lowest/smaller number wins the round. Player 2 scores one point because she has the smaller number.
Players draw six more cards and play again. Play continues until a set number of points is reached.
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