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February 28, 1803 Congress provides money for expedition.
December 1803 __________________________________________________________
_______________ Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery begin its expedition.
_______________ The Corps of Discovery has its first encounter with Native people.
August 20, 1804 __________________________________________________________
_______________ An encounter with the Teton Sioux; the Indians demand one of the explorers boats as a toll to proceed up the river.
October 24, 1804 ___________________________________________
_______________ The Corps hires Toussaint Charbonneau, a fur trapper, as an interpreter.
_______________ Lewis and Clark decide to head south when they come to a fork in the Missouri River.
June 2, 1805 __________________________________________________________
August 17, 1805 __________________________________________________________
_______________ The expedition reaches the Columbia River.
_______________ Clark sees Mount Hood, figures they must be near the ocean.