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The Betsy Ross Story: Truth or Legend?

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Directions: Many historians question Betsy Ross's role in the creation of the American flag; they say that little proof exists to verify the truth of the story. Read the following four points that historians frequently make when questioning Betsy Ross's connection to the first U.S. flag, then provide a counterpoint to each of those points.


No one has found a receipt for the first flag.




No congressional records of a flag committee or of debate about a proposed flag exist.




No one can find the original flag supposedly sewn by Betsy Ross.




No records of the original flag can be found in any letter, newspaper, or diary.





Now It's Your Turn!

Is the story of Betsy Ross told by her grandson William Canby true? What do you think? Write your opinion on the back of this page. Be sure to support your position with information you learned in this activity.

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