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Handwriting Practice Made Easy

Subjects: Arts & Humanities: Language Arts

Grades: K-2, 3-5

Brief Description

Students use lined whiteboards as tools for learning and practicing handwriting skills.



  • learn to print or write in cursive.
  • practice handwriting exercises.


cursive, daily, handwriting, manuscript, practice, whiteboard

Materials Needed

This activity requires a special set of whiteboards that are used for handwriting lessons only. Those boards should have lines, pre-drawn with permanent marker, that mimic the lines on the writing paper students use. Ideally, students should use dry-erase markers that are the same size as a pen or pencil. See Whiteboards Stimulate Student Learning for instructions for making individual student whiteboards.

Lesson Plan

At handwriting instruction time, students use special whiteboards as they would paper. Using the boards enables students to work until they are happy with their writing; they can erase until they succeed. Invite students who have created the best writing samples to go to the head of the class to show off their work.

Note: Ideally, students should use dry-erase markers that are the size of a pen or pencil for this activity. If they are not available, standard markers will suffice for initial instruction; transfer instruction to writing paper after students have mastered basic letter forms.


After students have succeeded in the whiteboard writing lesson, they can permanently add the handwriting exercise to their handwriting booklets. The best samples of student writing might be displayed on a classroom bulletin board.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Gary Hopkins

National Standards

No national handwriting standards


Last updated 12/02/2014.