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Five Hanukkah Lesson Plans for Teachers

Hanukkah is almost here, and alongside those who celebrate the holiday, teachers will be bringing Hanukkah into their classrooms as well. 

Education World has gathered a list of lesson plans and resources teachers can use when teaching about Hanukkah in the classroom. 


Winter Holidays Around the World

With this activity, students will understand how different Winter holidays are celebrating in different countries, including Sweden, Mexico, Africa, Israel, and the United States. 


On this website, Teaching Heritage, teachers can have access to an entire unit on Hannukah with introductory activities, suggested books, movies, websites, and more. 


Here, teachers have access to three videos and activities to teach Hanukkah in the classroom. Here is one titled, "Sesame Street: Hanukkah from Veronica Monica."

Here is a list of the activities teachers can use after students watch the video:


Celebrations Mini-Unit: Hanukkah:

With this lesson, teachers have access to background information about Hanukkah, and in the end, students will be able  to:

  • To explain why Hanukkah is celebrated
  • Recognize symbols associated with the celebration of Hanukkah and understand what they represent. 
  • Recognizing that an understanding can be achieved among people of different religious backgrounds. 
  • Appreciate celebrations unique to certain people through understanding why they occur.


Teachers can use this lesson plan to help students participate in Hanukkah activities and lessons. Students can read, What is Hannukah by Harriet Ziefert, My Hannukah Alphabet by Claudia Kunin, and A Great Miracle Happened There: A Chanukah Story by Karla Kuskin, and participate five days-worth of activities. 


Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor