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Five Activities to Celebrate King Tut Day

On November 4, people all around will remember when a team of archeologists led by Howard Carter found the entrance to King Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt in 1922. Ever since that day, November 4 has been known as King Tut Day, where a tomb filled with thousands of years of mystery was finally opened. 


Education World has gathered a list of resources to teach and celebrate King Tut Day in the classroom. 

  1. King Tut On The Move: In this lesson plan provided by Education World, students will read a printable that explains how ancient artifacts of King Tut are traveling around the United States. After students read the printable, they can answer the questions provided:
  • If you could interview King Tut today, what would you ask him?
  • If you were mummified and buried with objects that have special meaning in your life, what objects would scientists find when they discover your tomb in 1,000 years?

Students can also learn new vocabulary words and learn how to properly grab details from a newspaper article.

  1. Tutankhamen Masks: Starting out with this fact sheet, provided by Primary Homework Help, students can learn about who King Tut was, why he is famous, about his tomb, and more. Then, students can make their own King Tut masks and look like like a pharaoh from Egypt. 
  2. Discovery of the Tomb (Elementary): In these two lessons provided by the Art Gallery of Ontario, students can:
  • Learn about Howard Carter's discovery of King Tut's tomb.
  • Analyze the events of Carter's discovery.
  • Examine who King Tut was.
  • Examine what life was like in Ancient Egypt. 
  1. World Of Mysteries- Tutankhamun: In this 50-minute YouTube video provided by World of Mysteries students can learn more about King Tut and why his tomb had mysteries behind it. 

  1. Discovery of the Tomb (High School): In these two-lessons provided by Art of Ontario, high school students will:
  • Learn about Howard Carter's discovery.
  • Analyze the events of Carter's discovery.
  • Examine King Tut and his life.
  • Compare how contemporary and historic finds are/were recorded.
  • Consider ethical dimensions of archeological practice. 
  1. On Education World, King Tut Day is November 4th! Will a Discovery Be Announced? In Gail Hennessey's blog post, grab the following resources for your classroom:
  • Facts about King Tut
  • Questions for students
  • Coloring sheets
  • A play
  • And more!

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor