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2013 Summer Reading List: Kindergarten


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Giraffes Can't Dance
By Giles Andreae

Gerald wants to dance along with the other animals at the Jungle Dance, but it is a known fact that  giraffes can't dance…can they?


Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten
By Toni Buzzeo

Even though there are rules to follow, a little girl who loves adventure has an exciting first day of kindergarten


Manners in Public
By Carrie Finn

Colorful, cartoon-like illustrations and simple text teach children the importance of proper etiquette in public places.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
By B.G. Hennessy

A boy tending sheep on a lonely mountainside thinks it a fine joke to cry "wolf" and watch the people come running --and then one day a wolf is really there, but no one answers his call.

Sky Color
By Peter Reynolds

Marisol is excited when her teacher asks her to paint the sky for a school library mural, but she does not have any blue paint and will have to find a new "sky color."


Pirates Don’t Take Baths
By John Segal

A young pig tries to avoid taking a bath by claiming to be a variety of characters, from an astronaut to an Eskimo, as his mother tries to lure him into the tub.

The Moon
By Robert Louis Stevenson

In this poem, colorful paintings bring the magic of the moon alive as it shines on nocturnal creatures, and a father and son explore outdoors late at night before returning to their cozy home.

By Mark Teague

Edward and his cousin Judy visit a firehouse and learn about the work of fire fighters, including fire drills.

This list was compiled from sources including The Houston Area Independent Schools Library Network and The Parkway (MO) Summer Reading List Committee.

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