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My Very-Own-Personal-Private-Whiteboard Review



  • All Subjects


  • PreK-12

Brief Description

Individual whiteboards engage students and stimulate learning.


Students will

  • use their whiteboards during engaging review activities.


whiteboards, review, reinforcement, skills

Materials Needed

  • individual whiteboards for students (see instructions below)
  • markers

Lesson Plan

Individual student whiteboards are the 21st-century version of the chalk slates students used in colonial times. As thousands of teachers have found, whiteboards are a great way to actively involve students in the learning process -- and they're a terrific tool for immediate feedback and assessment.

Have you seen Education World's guide to using whiteboards in the classroom? The guide includes tips for making whiteboards, as well as suggestions for whiteboard alternatives.

Education World's whiteboard guide also includes five lesson plans that will engage students as they use their whiteboards to review and reinforce skills. Following is a brief sketch of those five lessons:

  • Daily Numbers: A Daily Math Skill Reinforcement Activity. Use this daily lesson to reinforce skills and improve student test scores in math and other areas of the curriculum. (Grades K-12)
  • Handwriting Practice Made Easy. Students use lined whiteboards to practice handwriting skills. (Grades K-5)
  • Whiteboard Jeopardy-Style Game.Students use individual whiteboards to review content before a unit test or to improve skills in vocabulary, geography, math, and more. (Grades K-12)
  • Whiteboard Spelling Test. Students actively participate in whiteboard exercises that replace traditional (bor-ing!) weekly spelling activities. (Grades K-8)
  • Guess Which Word?. Engage students in a game that reinforces phonics and language skills. (Grades K-12)


End the activity with a quiz that includes ten of the questions posed in the whiteboard activity. Each student should correctly answer at least 8 of the 10 questions.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Gary Hopkins

National Standards

The game can be adapted to support a wide variety of national standards.

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