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"Pet" Project


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    Language Arts
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    Life Sciences: Animals


  • 3-5
  • 6-8

Brief Description

Build a proposal that will persuade a classroom teacher or parent that it is time to take on a pet.


Students will
  • create a proposal for a classroom or household pet.
  • estimate cost of a pet and supplies.
  • design a "contract."


pets, proposal, contract

Materials Needed

  • plain white paper for each student
  • pencils
  • Internet access (optional)

Lesson Plan

Put students' admiration for pets to work in the classroom with this activity in which they create "proposals" that include cost projections, plans for pet care, and more.

Most children have a pet they would love to own -- at least in theory! Ask your students to share some of the pets they already have and ones they would like to have. What kinds of chores are associated with these pets? What supplies do they require?

Distribute pages of plain paper. Have the students fold the pages in half and then in half again to create four equal sections. Open up the pages. Tell the students to consider a pet they would like to own but do not presently have either for the home or classroom. Instruct them to write their names and the type of pet and "Proposal" (for example, "Guinea Pig Proposal") at the top of the page.

Now have the students label the four sections of the page, starting in the upper left corner:

  • Cover Letter,
  • Cost Projection,
  • Pet Care Plan, and
  • Contract.
Explain the contents of each section as defined below.
Cover Letter
This section should be addressed to either the student's parent(s) or the classroom teacher and should explain why the student wants the specific type of pet.

Cost Projection
Students should research costs for related supplies that will be necessary for this type of pet and create a summary of the initial investment required. Internet resources or pet shops can be great sources of information about supply costs.

Pet Care Plan
Students can explain here what activities are required to care for the animal and when and how they will be carried out.

This section should contain several statements that are "promises" about how the student will handle the pet, be responsible for it, and meet its needs. Statements may begin with "I will..." Students should sign the bottom of the contract box.

The pet proposal is designed to persuade the teacher or parent to allow the student to adopt the type of pet it addresses. Students should be encouraged to be persuasive and thoughtful in their writing. Give them time to complete the research required to make logical cost projections with online resources, sales flyers, or firsthand research in a pet shop.


Collect proposals. All proposals must contain logical and full responses in all four sections described in the lesson. Writing must meet classroom guidelines.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Cara Bafile

National Standards

NL-ENG.K-12.4 Communication Skills
NL-ENG.K-12.5 Communication Strategies
NL-ENG.K-12.6 Applying Knowledge
NL-ENG.K-12.8 Developing Research Skills

MATHEMATICS: Number and Operations
GRADES 3 - 5
NM-NUM.3-5.3 Compute Fluently and Make Reasonable Estimates
GRADES 6 - 8
NM-NUM.6-8.3 Compute Fluently and Make Reasonable Estimates

MATHEMATICS: Connections
GRADES Pre-K - 12
NM-CONN.PK-12.3 Recognize and Apply Mathematics in Contexts Outside of Mathematics

NS.K-4.3 Life Science
GRADES 5 - 8
NS.5-8.3 Life Science

NT.K-12.5 Technology Research Tools

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Originally published 05/02/2003
Last updated 03/28/2008