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Monster Mash: Halloween Lesson Plan


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  • Arts & Humanities
  • Social Studies
  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12


Brief Description

Kids play inventor/entrepreneur and create a "monster mash" in this open-ended, creative activity.


  • explain why the event is worthwhile and is preferable to other party themes.
  • explain how the product is used.
  • identify the product's goals and target audience.
  • write a commercial.


Halloween, monster, writing, commercial

Materials Needed

  • paper
  • pencils
  • assorted art supplies as required

Lesson Plan

Since 1962, "Monster Mash," as performed by Bobby "Boris" Pickett, has been a perennial Halloween favorite. In this activity, students strive to create an original product with the same name and to find a unique way to market their invention.

Describe a brand name product that you choose to buy regularly in lieu of a generic one. What do you find most effective and appealing about it? Did advertising lead you to your first purchase? If so, describe it. Discuss some of the students' favorite products and how they are packaged and marketed. What separates those products from the rest to make them more popular with consumers?

Tell the students that in observance of the Halloween holiday, they will create a product that is called "monster mash." The product may be a food, a tool, or any other type of invention (within reason). Give the students time to brainstorm and gather ideas. They may work in pairs or small groups if you choose. Once preliminary thoughts have been considered, have the students write a description of their product and its benefits, goals, and target audience. Who will buy "monster mash," and why?

Next have the students create a prototype of the package in which their product could be sold. A food may be offered in a bottle, jar, bag, can, or some other container; a tool might be placed in a box. Encourage the students to draw from their experience with real products to create a unique package. The container should include text that highlights the contents and benefits of "monster mash." It should also be appealing to the consumer.

Now ask the students to think about how their products can be marketed. Instruct them to design short commercials for their products. Would the ideal commercial feature animation or a spokesperson? Animation may be drawn in a series of small boxes on a page. If a spokesperson, students should explain who and why. Have the students share their ideas in brief presentations in front of the class that include a description of the product and its benefits, showing of its package, and an overview of the ideal commercial to send it flying off the shelves.


All satisfactory presentations should feature a description of the product and its benefits, an original package, and an ideal commercial. The products must be appropriate for the classroom and show adequate effort and development given the age level of the group.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Cara Bafile

National Standards


  • GRADES K - 12
  • Communication Skills
    Applying Language Skills

  • GRADES K - 4
  • Markets and Market Prices
    Supply and Demand
    Competition in the Marketplace

  • GRADES 5 - 8
  • Markets and Market Prices
    Supply and Demand
    Competition in the marketplace
  • GRADES 9 - 12
    Markets and Market Prices
    Supply and Demand
    Competition in the Marketplace

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