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This Is Your Life

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  • Arts & Humanities
    Language Arts, Visual Arts
  • Social Sciences
    U.S. History


6-8, 9-12

Brief Description

In this set of three activities, students create family trees, interview a family member, and share a childhood treasure.



  • investigate their families and childhood
  • conduct an interview with a family member
  • discuss a childhood treasure with the class.


family, Father's Day, interview

Materials Needed

  • assignment guidelines, contained in lesson plan
  • suggested interview questions, contained in lesson plan

Lesson Plan

Teacher Amy Kelley created the This Is Your Life lesson plan. This Is Your Life consists of three separate activities, for which Kelley assigns separate due dates. Students discover themselves by designing creative family trees, interviewing a family member who has known them since birth, and sharing a childhood treasure with the class.


Collect interview essays. Completed projects should contain more than the suggested questions, and the material should be legible, carefully constructed, and appropriate in content.

Lesson Plan Source

Return to Father Figures: Lessons to Honor Dear Old Dad!.


Originally published 06/07/2002
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