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My Heroes
Picture Book


Subject: Language Arts
Grade: Pre-K, K-2


Brief Description
Students create a picture books about family members and friends who are heroes.


Students learn the meaning of the word hero. Students discuss heroes in their lives, such as family members and friends.


hero, picture book

Materials Needed

  • construction paper of different colors or tag board
  • glue or glue sticks
  • markers
  • student-selected photographs of family members or friends who are their heroes (with parents' permission)
  • hole punch
  • brass fasteners or loose-leaf rings

Lesson Plan

Before teaching the lesson: Draw a box at the top of each piece of construction paper or tag board to serve as a guide to help students position their photographs.
Suggestion: Complete this activity in three lessons.

Lesson 1

  • Discuss the meaning of the word hero. Ask students to name people close to them, such as family members or friends, who are heroes in their lives.
  • Ask students to bring in photographs of the people they named as their heroes. Send parents a note about the lesson, requesting photographs for the project. (Option: Students can draw "photographs" of their heroes.)

Lesson 2


  • Ask students to show their pictures. Distribute the construction paper or tag board. Tell students they will paste each picture onto the box at the top of the sheet.
  • Put a small amount of glue on the box using glue or a glue stick. Tell students to carefully put the picture on the glue. Help students who need assistance.

Lesson 3

  • Ask each student to think about the person in his or her picture and tell one or two sentences to explain why that person is a hero. Write students' sentences under their pictures.
  • Assemble the pictures into a book. Punch two or three holes on one side of each page. Use brass fasteners or loose-leaf rings to hold the pages together.

Extension: Explain that all books have titles. Solicit suggestions for a book title for the students' heroes book. Place the book in a learning center.
Suggestion: To help extend the life of the book, laminate or put clear plastic contact paper on the front and back covers.

Variations for the lesson:

  • Idea 1: Write students' sentences on a sheet of paper and transfer them to the pictures after class.
  • Idea 2: Extend the activity by tape recording students' sentences in the order of the pages. Place the tape with the book to create an audio-visual picture book.


Evaluate how well each student participated in the activity.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Lois Lewis

Submitted By

Lois Lewis

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Originally published 01/08/2001
Last updated 12/01/2010