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When I Grow Up

Subject:Vocational Ed.

Brief Description
Students explore their interests and abilities and learn about careers they might want to pursue.


Students expand their awareness of career opportunities and learn about the prerequisites for pursuing those careers.


career planning, school-to-work

Materials Needed

Exploring Occupations

Lesson Plan

  • Discuss with students the questions in Career Fantasy.
  • Print and distribute a copy of the Life Goals work sheet to each student. Have students complete the work sheet.
  • Print and distribute a copy of the World of Work Map to each student and have each student select a "job family" based on his or her interests and abilities.
  • Encourage students to explore the Exploring Occupations site or other sites on career planning to select an occupation in their chosen "job family."
  • Have each student write a list of questions he or she has about the chosen occupation.
  • Encourage students to ask someone working in that field to answer the questions on the list.

Extension: Print and distribute copies of the Five-Step Career Plan. Ask students to take the plan home and complete it with their parents.



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Target Future

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Linda Starr

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