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Pop Up a Card

Subject: Visual Arts
Grade: 5-8, 9-12

Brief Description

Students make pop-up greeting cards.


Students learn to make pop-ups for cards, place mats, or other crafts.


art, pop-up cards, greeting card

Materials Needed

Two 8- by 11-inch sheets of white paper for each student, scissors, paste or glue, crayons or markers, pencils

Lesson Plan

Provide students with two sheets of 8- by 11-inch paper, and ask them to follow the directions below.

  • Fold both papers in half and put one aside.
  • Put a dot in the center of the folded edge of the paper you're working with.
  • D raw a 2-inch line from the dot toward the outer (open) edge of the paper.
  • Starting at the folded edge, cut on the line.
  • Fold the flaps back to form two triangles.
  • Open the flaps again. Open the whole page.
  • Hold the paper so it looks like a tent. Put your finger on the top triangle and push down. Pinch the two folded edges of the top triangle so that the triangle is pushed through to the other side of the paper.
  • Put your finger on the bottom triangle and do the same thing. The top and bottom triangles will now be pushed out to form a mouth inside the card.
  • Draw a monster, a person, or an animal around the mouth.
  • Glue the inside and outside papers together.

Note: Complete directions with illustrations can be found at How to Make a Pop-Up.



Lesson Plan Source

How to Make a Pop-Up

Submitted By

Joan Irvine

National Standards

Visual Arts:

Originally published 01/22/2001
Last updated 10/14/2013