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Mime Rhymes

Subject:Language Arts

Brief Description
Students play a game of charades, acting out and identifying word pairs.


Students practice identifying word pairs, such as rhyming words or opposites.



Materials Needed

Lists of rhyming words or other word pairs, such as opposites

Lesson Plan

  • Invite two students to come to front of the room. Provide each student with one of a pair of rhyming words.
  • Ask one student to act out his or her word until someone guesses the word.
  • Have the second student act out the second word, which rhymes with the first word.
  • Allow the students who guessed each word to act out the next set of words.

Extension: This activity can be used to practice a number of reading-related skills, including words that begin or end with the same sound, words that end in ing, and so on.



Lesson Plan Source

Education World

National Standards


Originally published 01/22/2001
Last updated 05/26/2009