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Election lesson plan | Your vote counts


To learn what makes a good candidate, students get to create a campaign for office for their favorite TV character.


Language Arts, Civics

Pre-K, K-2

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Brief description

Students build an election campaign around their favorite TV characters. 


Students learn about candidates, slogans, qualifications, and voting using the activities in this lesson.


election, vote, Sesame Street

Materials needed

teacher-created campaign posters, ballots, ballot box, "I Voted" stickers

Lesson plan

The Your vote counts! teaching unit introduces young children to the concept of voting. Students start by selecting certain activities, such as choosing the story for the day, the game for the day, and so on. Emphasize to students that they can vote only once. Next, students pretend the class needs another helper. Cookie Monster and the Count both want the job, but the class can vote for only one helper. Students learn about candidates, slogans, and qualifications through posters and classroom discussions. The culmination is the election for the classroom helper, complete with voting booth, ballots, and "I Voted" stickers.


Assess students on their interest in and knowledge of the election process.

Lesson Plan Source

Teacher Kathleen Carpenter (shared her lesson on Teachers.Net Lesson Bank)

Submitted By

Lois Lewis

Last updated 02/28/2016