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Celebrating Success Online Web site name: Mrs. Henson's Third Grade Class

Web site creator: Rhonda Caudill Henson, Rabun Gap Community School, Rabun County, Georgia

Web site URL:

"Several years ago, I created my own Web site, on which I could share my personal poetry, family genealogy, and favorite sites with friends and family members," Rhonda Caudill Henson told Education World. "Living far from where I grew up, this was a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends and relatives. I enjoyed having my work published in this way. I thought my students might enjoy it as well!"

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Henson originally designed Mrs. Henson's Third Grade Class to meet the requirements of a WebTech course. When she realized the potential of a classroom site as a teaching tool, she chose to make hers even more practical. Now, the site's main purpose is to increase communication between home and school.

"The site is used to inform the community of activities in our classroom," explained Henson. "I think it is great for the community to see how wonderful students can be. We hear so much about the negative things that happen in schools. I think a Web site is a great way to show students' successes!"

Many items in Mrs. Henson's Online Resources can be printed and used in the classroom. Those include vocabulary lists, an Internet permission form, sample daily schedule, and more. Henson's Author Study Information is a popular collection of links to Web sites of children's authors, and Where Kids Hang Out is filled with quality links for children.

"Each of my students has his or her own favorite pages," reports Henson. "They are quick to tell you they like to see their artwork and stories on the computer. They love accessing everything from home, and I publish their work as written. It is amazing how many mistakes they see in their writing on the computer that they don't find when we write using the writing process!"


Article by Cara Bafile
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