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Education World's Top 25 Educator Blogs

Facing a challenge as an educator? Who better to speak to the issue than another experienced teacher or administrator? How about an educator who also happens to write a blog?

Educator-produced blogs offer creative ways to approach challenges facing classrooms and schools. Offering quick, free professional development on everything from tackling school improvement to integrating technology, these blogs can be both inspirational and eye-opening.

To recognize some of the standouts in the educator-blogger space, the EducationWorld team carefully reviewed top contenders and selected its top 25 for 2012. Explore our list below—you’ll be sure to find a great new blog to follow this year.

We’re delighted to present our honorees:

Technology with Intent
Technology with Intent is written by Jac de Haan, an integration specialist, Google Certified Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator and member of the International Society for Technology in Education. It features both profiles of educators using technology in their teachings and the latest information about tech-related topics.
Why We Love It: The site offers a comprehensive look at technology in education -- from the people who are actually using it in classrooms.

This blog for middle-school science teachers features lesson ideas written by science teacher Darren Fix. The posts feature brief write-ups and videos of experiments.
Why We Love It: The video demonstrations of experiments are awesome and undoubtedly helpful for teachers trying to select engaging activities for their students.

A Principal's Reflections
Eric Sheninger, principal at New Milford High School in Bergen County, NJ, writes this blog. He firmly believes in “effective communication, listening, support, shared decision making, and the integration of technology.”
Why We Love It: This is more than just a principal talking about what’s working in his school. Sheninger curates content from people passionate about education, sharing perspectives on everything from using Pinterest for educational means to how education reform is getting it wrong.

This and That
Jon Castelhano, director of technology for the Apache Junction Unified School District in Arizona, explores not just technology in education but also how leadership and change impact how and what kids learn.
Why We Love It: Touching on a number of key topics in today’s educational system, This and That’s comprehensive blog posts always include wrap-ups that really capture Castelhano’s message.

The Principal of Change
The Principal of Change addresses school improvement to better meet the needs of students. Author George Couros is Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.
Why We Love It: Couros isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what he thinks on certain topics, giving refreshing perspectives on a number of interesting education-related issues. Also, his “You Should Read” offers links to some great reads around the Web.

Cathy Nelson’s Professional Thoughts
Professional Thoughts offers teacher-librarian Cathy Jo Nelson’s tips on ethical and engaging ways to integrate technology into teaching and school libraries.
Why We Love It: It’s no secret that we’re passionate about technology in schools, and we love how Nelson is so active in spreading the word, teaching students (and blog readers!) about effective integration and ethical use of technology.

All4MyChild writers Meghan Gallahan Graham, MS, CCC-SLP and Karen Samstad Head, MS, CCC-SLP share their expertise in speech and language pathology and occupational therapy. Jill Perry, MHA, MS, OTR/L contributes insightful posts about sensory processing.
Why We Love It: All4MyChild is a helpful resource that discusses strategies for aiding children with sensory processing challenges.

The Jose Vilson
Written by Jose Luis Vilson, a math teacher, coach, and data analyst for a New York City middle school, The Jose Vilson offers an intimate look at education in New York City, along with the realities of modern educating.
Why We Love It: Vilson’s posts are honest but fair. He looks at education from the inside and shares a unique and no-holds-barred view of what it’s really like.

Globicate, by Arizona teacher Heidi Befort, focuses on teaching students to be global citizens with strong cultural awareness.
Why We Love It: Global citizenship is increasingly important for today’s students, and Befort does a great job of presenting resources and ideas.

The Organized Classroom Blog
The Organized Classroom Blog by Charity Preston is a teaching blog aimed mostly at primary-grade teachers. Charity shares ideas on effective teaching methods, keeping the classroom organized and engaging students.
Why We Love It: Charity’s methods are ingenious and really resonate with readers. Also, she shares so many awesome resources with her readers -- especially through easy-to-follow videos.

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