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Teacher of the Day

Name:  Nick Landy

School:  Harrison High School

Subject:  Resource Room History, English, coaching

State:  NJ

What or who inspired you to become a teacher?

Many of my former teachers from grammar school and high school. Most of them I was able to work with when I started my career teaching in my old high school.

How are things different for you now, compared to when you first started teaching?

Standardized testing has put a great deal of pressure on us and changed the way we teach.

What advice would you give to a new or struggling teacher?

  • Stay positive.
  • Work hard.
  • Don't stress.
  • Get some rest.
  • Realize you do make a difference.

My best day in the classroom was when…

The students are really into the lesson.

The best compliment I ever received was...

At the end of each year, I always receive some great compliments in my yearbook from students and players.They tell me how I was like a "big brother" or "father figure" to them. Some of my former students who are now teaching and coaching say how I influenced them.

What's your favorite part of the school year?

The first day and the last day.

What is your one must-have item for the classroom?

I use noisemakers and silly gadgets that enhance the learning.

What do you eat for breakfast on school days?

Oatmeal, or sometimes I get up early and treat myself to the diner.

What movie or TV show do you secretly love?

"Chopped," on the Food Network.


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