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Teacher Appreciation: What’s the Best Compliment You’ve Received?

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time for recognizing the talent and tireless efforts of educators everywhere. Teaching is often a stressful and thankless job, so kind words from students and parents can go a long way.

In the spirit of celebrating educators, we collected some of our favorite quotes from EducationWorld’s Teacher of the Day feature. We’re pleased to present the following responses shared by dedicated teachers in response to the question “What’s the best [student or parent] compliment you’ve ever received?”

During Teacher Appreciation Week, try beginning a staff meeting by asking about compliments that teachers have received from either students, parents or co-workers. Or, encourage educators (either face-to-face or via anonymous note) to share what they admire about each other.

Read the profiles of other exceptional educators highlighted by Education World, and don’t forget to submit your own story to be considered for Teacher of the Day. Also, make sure to join our discussion on the EducationWorld Community and tell us what your school is doing to recognize the hard work of teachers.

Judi Holst, Language Arts Teacher, Rocky Heights Middle School, Colorado

Best compliment (from a student): “I always get a sense that Ms. Holst genuinely cares for her students’ lives and all the things that involve being in middle school. She feels like an aunt to me, and I just want to validate all that she does for her students.”




Suresh Joshi, Physics Teacher, Ahlcon International School, Delhi, India

Best compliment (from a parent): “Sir, you have really made a difference in my child’s life. He would have given up if you hadn't intervened. He is blooming now. Your stress-free class environment is commendable.”





Sharon Dudley, Pre-K Teacher, Rogers Heights Elementary School, Maryland

Best compliment (from a parent): “She thanked me for teaching her daughter to read. She told me that at the beginning of kindergarten her daughter knew her alphabet but did not know words. She couldn’t believe that at the end-of-the-year reading event, her daughter was reading first-grade material.”



George Bartuska, Engineering/Aerospace Teacher, Central Florida Aerospace Academy of Kathleen High School, Florida

Best compliment (from a parent): “Parents have shared with me not only how much their children enjoy my classes, but also how their kids have come home and explained some of the activities or classroom discussions we had that day.”





Vicky Moore, First- to Third-Grade Teacher, Helen Hunt Jackson Elementary, California

Best compliment (from a student): “I received a letter from a student who is now in middle school. She had to write an essay about someone who inspired her in life. She wrote about me and gave specific examples of things I did in the classroom that made me special to her. The most amazing part was that it was the year my mom had cancer and passed away—when I was at my worst. I feel blessed to know that even then in the most difficult time of my life, I was still able to inspire a child.”



Richard Booth, English Teacher, Al-Noor Academy, Massachusetts

Best compliment (from a student): “I teach in a private Islamic academy. My best day was when a student addressed me by an Arabic word I didn’t know. When I asked my Algerian-born supervisor, he laughed. ‘It means “uncle,” ’ he said. ‘It's an honorific. The kids love you.’ “





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