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Kids Thrilled by Chance to Publish Own Books

Students spend a great deal of their academic life writing, yet very few ever see their prose published. A program developed through Nationwide Learning, a company that specializes in youth publishing, is working to change that.

Through Studentreasures®, children across the country get the thrill of turning their written work into a tangible book. This unique publishing house is giving students motivation to tap into their creativity while polishing their writing skills.

Students use manuscript kits provided free to the school, and Studentreasures® produces hardbound books from these student-submitted kits.

The thought behind the endeavor is that kids are more likely to write if they know their words will become an actual book.

“This was a fun and exciting project for me, my students and their parents,” said Shameka Ellis, an art teacher at Jefferson County Elementary School in Fayette, MS. “This is a wonderful project, and I think it should receive worldwide attention.”

Karen Hamilton, a library aid at South Hamilton Elementary School in Ludington, MI, praised the support her school received from Studentreasures®. “I am impressed with the customer service people; they are caring and thoughtful people. Our families are so thankful that we did such a project.”

Parents also offered glowing reviews of the program. “As a mom, I was so proud of my son and what he was able to accomplish,” said parent Shawnie Hayes from Topeka, KS. “This project allowed him to showcase his creativity, imagination, and wonderful writing skills. The excitement on his face was unbelievable, especially when he read his book to his grandparents.”

Currently there are two versions of the Studentreasures® program. One is designed for grades K-6, and the other caters to middle-schoolers. Both versions are flexible enough to work at any grade level. In addition, Studentreasures® now offers online publishing, allowing students to upload submissions electronically.

Last year over 7,000 schools throughout the United States participated in the publishing project. From their submissions, 28 National Book Challenge winners were selected and awarded $100.

Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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