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Reader's Theater

Reader's Theater is a strategy in which students read from scripts. Lines are not memorized, but students are encouraged to read with expression. Students love to perform Reader's Theater scripts more than once, which is a good idea; repeated reading builds comprehension and fluency as it improves students' self-esteem, reading confidence, and enthusiasm for reading.

Learn More About Reader's Theater
Education World has published several articles about Reader's Theater. You can learn more by reading the following articles:

Reader's Theater: A Reason to Read Aloud
The Reader's Theater strategy blends students' desire to perform with their need for oral reading practice. RT offers an entertaining and engaging way to improve fluency and enhance comprehension. Included: RT tips from the experts!

The Other Cinderella Story
In this Education World script, Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters announce the release of their new book, one that reveals shocking "truths" about the would-be queen! Included: An original script and teacher's guide.

Try Reader's Theater
Ready to try Reader's Theater in your classroom? Why not start with Education World's library of original Reader's Theater Scripts and accompanying Teacher Guides?

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