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Site Review: Popplet

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Content:  This platform allows users to visualize connections between ideas and bits of information by organizing them into a graphic map. Anything from lesson-planning resources to student research can be turned into a Popplet.

Design:  The site is clean and simple, and it seems reasonable that the design of this beta version will change very little. After all, Popplet’s entire purpose is providing a blank canvas and the tools to populate it.

poppletReview:  Following a required free registration, the interface is simple to use. Creating “bubbles” that contain individual ideas is as simple as pointing and clicking, and connecting two bubbles is just as easy. The site’s media input tools are similar to those found on most Web sites—for example, the familiar “browse” button allows users to select images for upload.

Viewing finished Popplets is also very straightforward. A single mouse click allows users to zoom in on an area of the graphic they’d like to examine in more detail.

Although not every child learns the same way, Popplet certainly offers an appealing option for supporting visual learners. Students also may be more motivated to do online research projects if creating a cool graphic is part of the process.

Bottom Line:  With its easy and fun method of visually organizing ideas, Popplet offers teachers and students many potential classroom applications.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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