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Site Review: Huffington Post

Election 2012

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Content:  Huffington Post Election 2012 is a news site devoted to the next presidential election. It covers candidates, issues and related news. It’s produced by the wings for kidsHuffington Post, which is owned by AOL.

Design:  Election 2012 is laid out in a three-column format and features a fast-moving, text-based “breaking news” scroll bar at the top. The design features a mix of photos and headlines in an online news format. The site’s stories, however, lack the usual brief intro or subhead, making it a challenge for visitors to decide what to read first.

Review: Huffington Post Election 2012 offers frequent updates of new content and includes both blogs by unpaid writers and articles by paid reporters. The site covers Democrats and Republicans with what seems like equal voracity.

Bottom Line:  This is a useful site for helping students grasp what’s happening with the election. The lack of clarifying language (such as subheads or introductions) on the main page, however, makes it a bit of a gamble when visitors click through to a story.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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