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Create peace paths, cool down areas, and embrace group meeting times to give kids a better chance of understanding themselves and building...
Challenge to Change's Proven Yoga in the Schools curriculum includes self regulating tools for students, mindful activities, posters,...
Incorporates social-emotional skills and mindfulness practices focused on strengthening student resiliency, emotional balance and self-awareness.
An online Professional Development course for administration and playground supervisors in school systems and child care centers.
With solid classroom management and student engagement, teachers are able to reach their full potential in reaching students.
Tips & strategies for successfully teaching health and physical education from home.
We have become familiar with “social distancing” a.k.a. “physical distancing” in our daily lives, but with many schools returning to in-person...
Improve Motor Skills and Behavior with Social and Emotional Learning in PE
Learn tips and strategies with tutorials for incorporating mindfulness into your classroom.
An online Professional Development course on Social Emotional Learning best practices and tools for students