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Education World Honors Innovative Teaching Leader

May 9, 2012

Education World is proud to share the exciting and inspiring work of Steve Haberlin, a fifth-grade teacher of gifted children in Florida.

His combination of intense enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking are perfect for engaging today’s kids in the classroom. Here’s a sampling of some of the exciting things Haberlin has been sharing:

  • A fan of the show “Celebrity Apprentice,” Haberlin modeled a lesson after it called The Classroom Apprentice. He used it in his classroom as a novel way to review math material.
  • Learning new vocabulary words becomes an exciting lesson when Haberlin gives kids a fly swatter and has them match a definition with the word (with a swat!) on an interactive white board.
  • Immersion learning is a powerful tool, which he harnesses with Theme Day in his classroom. Haberlin shares his tips, tricks and techniques for planning in a Theme Day Workshop tutorial.

“Steve Haberlin, and teachers like him, are combining modern teaching practices with stimulating techniques that engage students in the material being taught,” said Sarah W. Caron, social media editor for Education World.


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