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More Positive Reinforcement

The Reward Board
When you catch a student being good, have the student write his or her name on a small whiteboard labeled THE REWARD BOARD. When looking for students to do special tasks that all students are eager to do, choose someone whose name is on the reward board. (That student will erase his or her name from the board.) If the board is getting pretty full, you might give all students on the board a special reward.

Inspector Clean Desk

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Do many of your students have messy desks? When the problem of messy desks arises, introduce Inspector Clean Desk. From time to time, Inspector Clean Desk will show up at night and check desks for neatness. The Inspector will leave behind a note on a pre-printed Inspection Report and a small reward on or in desks that are neat and organized.

Raise That Average!
At the end of the first marking quarter, let each student know what his or her average is in the subject you teach. Then, during the second quarter, attach or stamp a star on each of the students papers that earn a score higher than his or her first-quarter average. For example, if the students average during the first quarter was a 78, each paper on which he scores 79 or higher earns a star. The possibility of earning a star will motivate many students to work hard to improve and raise their averages.

No Test Today
Encourage 100 percent performance on spelling tests and math quizzes. Put in a hat or bowl the names of each student who earns 100 percent on the previous test and draw the name of one student. That student is excused from taking the current test. Draw the winner on the day of the test/quiz so you will be pretty certain students already have studied the material. If you think drawing one name is not incentive enough, draw two or three names a week.

Article by Linda Starr
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