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Don't Lose That Pencil!

Save time and money by hanging on to classroom materials and supplies.

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Flower Power
These pens and pencils are too bloomin' big to forget.

Tape large silk or plastic flowers to the tops of the pens and pencils you keep for classroom use. Keep the "flowers" in a vase on your desk -- to brighten the room and prevent accidental pencil pilfering.

Highlighter Help
Don't lose your work at the copier.

Use yellow highlighter to write your name or room number on all original worksheets. The highlighter won't show up on copies, but the original is more likely to be returned when you leave it in the copier.

Puzzle Solution
Label puzzle pieces to prevent loss.

To prevent a mix-up of puzzle pieces when children work on different puzzles in the same space, label the back of each puzzle piece and that puzzle's box or tray with a distinguishing mark.

Article by Linda Starr
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